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A community dedicated to fostering education, encouragement and empowerment for all women
Welcome to femmehealth. This is a community dedicated to fostering education, encouragement and empowerment for all women (and the men who care about them) and supporting their mental, physical, and social well-being.

There is no substitute for qualified medical care. This community exists to share information and opinions on an informal, non-professional, peer-based level. If you are seriously ill or injured please seek professional help immediately.

The information presented in this community is as factual as we can make it. External links go to sites or communities with varying levels of reliability. Please exercise common sense and good judgement at all times.

femmehealth is an open membership community. Any member may post to the community but you must be a member to post. While we absolutely will not tolerate trolling or flaming, we do understand that sometimes you may wish to preserve your anonymity so we will allow "empty" journals used solely for community posting. Alternately, you may e-mail your questions or comments to femmehealth@yahoo.com and we will post your questions or comments for you.

All members of the community are expected to adhere to some simple rules:

    Be factual. Incorrect information does no one any good. We appreciate the spirit of helpfulness with which most people post, but if you are presenting information as fact, please be sure that it is fact. Unintentional misinformation will result in correction and warnings from the community moderators. Reach three warnings and you’re banned. Deliberate posting of misinformation will result in immediate banning.

    Be polite. No rudeness, no flaming, no trolling. Bigoted or otherwise inappropriate language is unacceptable. "It’s just a word" doesn’t cut it with us--if it’s "just a word" you can use one that doesn’t anger people.

    Be respectful. We all have opinions but it's not up to any of us to decide what is right for anyone besides ourselves. Disagreement will be made courteously and received graciously. All arguments will be considerate in tone or will be eliminated.

    Because this is a women's health community, issues relating to pregnancy, including abortion, will be raised from time to time. We are pro-choice, by which we mean that we respect the right of all women to control their own bodies and make their own decisions. This is not a debate community. Comments that in any way indicate an opinion on the morality or social acceptability of abortion, including things like "I wouldn’t have one myself…" will result in banning from this community. Please take such discussion to a more appropriate forum.

    femmehealth supports the right of all individuals to choose their own gender/sex roles/identity. There are times when it is relevant to know the specifics of someone’s anatomy; when it is not relevant, we will not ask.

    femmehealth is a "safe space" by our definition which may or may not coincide with other communities’ definitions. What we mean by it is that you will not be harassed or ridiculed for being honest and open here. However, this doesn’t mean we will encourage or enable harmful behavior. We believe that the purpose of "safe space" is to keep people safe. We believe in "tough love" when it is warranted, but we will always be courteous and supportive. We do not tolerate victim blaming nor do we expect any community member to rationalize or justify her behavior. The correction of misinformation, respectfully submitted, is not abuse.

    Deleting others' comments will get you banned. If you are having a problem with another member or believe that a comment is inappropriate please contact the mods by e-mailing femmehealth@yahoo.com.

    We allow no memes and no community promotions, no exceptions. If you believe that the community you would like to promote has strong appeal for the average member of this community, please e-mail Femmehealth@yahoo.com with community details and we will consider adding you to our preferred communities list.

If you have questions or issues, you may post in community for response from a moderator/maintainer. Alternately, you may e-mail femmehealth@yahoo.com.

This community is moderated by: blushingflower, neurotica0, and surelle.

Maintainers: mslaynie and zinnea

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