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Hi ladies,

This is going to be broad, so I'm going to stick it under a cut....

Okay, I'm going to start by saying that I have a condition called Polly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and my doctor had informed me that it would be very difficult to become pregnant... Apparently I got pregnant while on the Birth Control Pill, so I suppose she was wrong.

Anyway, yesterday upon waking up my boyfriend had mentioned how big my breasts were getting, and I shrugged it off a little. I had a day off and I figured I would go to Wal Mart before heading over to my moms house to pick up my second home pregnancy test in (three weeks.. better safe than sorry... or something like that) anyway I got to my moms house and expected a false alarm... um no. two pink lines. Those lines POPPED up QUICKLY! I immediately panicked, try to compose myself and went and bought two more tests and sure enough they were also positive.. and one of them indicated that I am 5 plus weeks along.

I have plenty financial instability with four jobs all supply/relief child care related positions, but my boyfriend of 6 years is pretty set...
Here's the problem... Last week I went away on an all-inclusive vacation... While I didn't drink excessively I still drank (at minimum 1 drink a day) the first day I got there I had enough alcohol to get me drunk fairly easily... now after losing 100lbs and being 155lbs I'd consider myself an easy drunk... regardless there was still drinking involved. Then I really thought about my lifestyle choices in the past 5 to 6 weeks and it's a little worse... I'm not by any means a big party animal, and I know all the healthy implications of drug use (I'm a registered Child Youth Worker, I get it), but I did MDMA about 3 weeks ago (the pure form of Ecstasy) It was a small amount, and it was the first time I had in about 5 years.

My boyfriend and I talked about everything and he thinks that I would have caused a lot of damage to the fetus and that I should get an abortion... I also agree. I have been in contact with a clinic and have an appointment booked for an abortion on April 11th, but have not made a final decision. Please, even if you're anti abortion please don't pass judgement on me... You don't even know the amount of stress this is causing me... trust me I would never consider this as an option if my behavior over the past couple weeks wasn't so damaging.

I have had ZERO signs of being pregnant aside from missing my period (which happens ALL the time because of my PCOS), my breasts getting bigger (I had gained weight due to holiday eating, thought nothing of it) and have been tired ( I have four jobs and often work doubles and can be up for 24 hours between shifts)

The truth is I don't want to have an abortion...I don't really believe in it... but seriously if I have already done all of this in the first 5-6 weeks then why take the chance of hindering a childs abilities in this world. I work as a child mental health worker and have seen the impact FASD has on children... I can't live knowing that I could potentially bring another child into this world with such a condition....

  • I also have PCOS, and it took a little assistance to get (and stay) pregnant when I wanted children. Unrelated to PCOS, I also get migraines-and hormones are a frequent trigger for me. In planning my pregnancies, and in aiming to get pregnant, one of the things I discussed with my doctor was the use of my migraine medication when I have acute migraines-one of the medications I use is contraindicated in pregnancy and I was concerned about taking it and causing a problem. His comment was that very early in pregnancy and up to the point at which the placenta takes over nourishing the fetus, occasional use (the kind that would happen if someone accidentally got pregnant and didn't know, for example) of harmful substances is unlikely to cause a problem because of the way the embryo is nourished by the yolk sac. Certainly that's not an endorsement of going out and partying a lot when planning a pregnancy or early in a pregnancy, but it's a more realistic picture of the potential harm than you might otherwise get.

    It is ultimately up to you (and if you choose to include him in your decision, to your boyfriend) how to proceed with pregnancy. It is unlikely that you've caused terrible harm with moderate drinking and using E once, but it's not a guarantee either. At the same time, even if you hadn't done those things, it's possible that if you carry to term you could still give birth to a baby who could have challenges or issues-there's a great deal of trust and faith that goes into pregnancy sometimes. You (and if you choose, your boyfriend) have to make the choice to continue the pregnancy and keep the baby, to continue the pregnancy and give up the baby for adoption or to terminate the pregnancy. If you do continue the pregnancy, you may want to discuss with your doctor the alcohol and drug use early in the pregnancy and decide whether or not additional monitoring for problems would be wise-CVS testing, extra ultrasounds, etc.

    Best of luck with your decision making.
    • Thank you very much for this, I had planned on making an appointment next week to discuss any risks I might have posed on the fetus with alcohol/drug exposure so early in a pregnancy. My mind is just racing a million miles a second and I can't really keep up with the pace :(
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