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just wanted to know if there was any dangers to starting your pill again after being two weeks off??? and is there any way to know if your sterile???
  • You'll affect your cycle but I don't think it is dangerous. If you are sterile the only way to find out is through fertility testing.
  • Not any dangers that I know of, if you are starting a new pack. Starting in the middle may not offer proper protection, I can't say for sure, and it would depend on what kind of pill it is.

    And knowing if you are sterile is a tough one -- you could be infertile/have low fertility, but actual sterility I think is rarer. It depends on why you would be infertile. Not having ovaries would be a big one that would rule out conceiving. Having PCOS could just make conception very very hard, and for some women, impossible. It's not quite cut and dried.
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