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Is this bladder weakness?

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Is this bladder weakness?

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Over recent months I've been experiencing a problem with peeing.  Basically the problem is I feel the urge to go constantly.  Often I go to the toilet and then by the time I'm washing my hands it feels like my bladder is full again.  If I go back and sit on the toilet I might be able to squeeze out a dribble then if I stay a while longer another dribble etc.  When I do any sport where I exert myself I empty my bladder before hand but every time I exert myself I'm worried I will wet myself because it feels like I need to go again.  Now every time I leave the house I'm anxious and won't go anywhere there's not a toilet nearby.  I haven't wet myself or had any bladder leakage to date but that feeling of needing to go all the time has me worried and confused.

I saw a doctor and she sent me for a urine test (presumably to test for urine tract infection).  I had to ring the clinic for results and wasn't able to talk to the doctor - a staff member just told me "the results are fine - there's nothing to worry about".  Now I can't get back in with that doctor for several weeks.  I'm thinking about switching doctors.  I'm wondering if doing kegels exercises might help but if its not bladder weakness I don't want to do anything that might "mask" the problem.

I'm mainly here hoping anyone with a bladder weakness can describe their symptoms and let me know if its similar.
  • Thanks for your reply. I looked up irritable bladder syndrome on google and it seems to describe what I'm experiencing. You might be right that its brought on by stress and anxiety. I find it's worse when I'm getting ready to go out, am out or am getting ready for bed - these are the times I get really focused on it and the inconvenience and embarrassment it causes.

    If anyone knows more about it please let me know.
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