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Femme Health

First-Time Poster: Soap for Intimate Area

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First-Time Poster: Soap for Intimate Area

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I'm a first-time poster and I was curious about soaps that were gentle for that intimate area. I recently found out that it's better to use just water but sometimes I feel that I need a little extra clean.

What soaps would you guys recommend that would be gentle for the area?

Also, is it true that antibacterial soaps (like Dial) can cause/help you be prone to yeast infections?

I currently have a yeast infection(at least I hope it is) and I'm waiting the recommended 3 - 7 days for the meds to take full effect. Should I refrain from washing my vulva with anything other then water until the infection clears up?

Thanks for all your help! ^_^

  • Er, do you mean your vagina or your vulva? There is no need at all to wash inside your vagina, and doing so can leave you prone to infection (or just flat out itchy). If you're talking about your vulva (the external bits), I usually use a mild bath soap, and avoid citrus and peppermint scents. I wouldn't use antibacterial soaps there, but I generally feel antibacterial soaps are not necessary for bathing (or really even handwashing for most people).
    • lol Yeah that's what I meant. XD I always call it "vagina" cuz I'm dumb. But I meant the vulva.

      I only have Dial. Should I just avoid using the soap til I get something better?
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    • I meant vulva - calling it "vagina" is a force of habit X3

      I only have Dial right now. Should I just use water until I get something better?

      I know Esty has a lot of handmade soaps but I have no idea what to get. Any suggestions?
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        • I'll look for that.

          I used an OTC med, it's a 1-day cream treatment that's simply the Rite Aid brand. I've used it since I had a bad experince with Monstat 3-day suppository treatment. It worked well for me thus far.
  • I like Dr. Bronner's as a mild vegetable-based castille soap. You can find it in most health food sections of grocery stores, or places like Whole Foods and New Seasons.

    I'm sure just water will be fine for now until you can locate your alternative.
    • Just not the peppermint :)
      • But it makes your bits all TINGLY! (No, I wouldn't recommend it in femmehealth, but yes, it does! Until you start whimpering because WOW you didn't expect THAT.)
      • I've used the peppermint on my bits without thinking that through. That's so not the way I wanna be minty fresh!
        • Yeah, me too - I encountered a bottle at my aunt's, and slathered it on without a second thought. Boy was that a mistake!
    • And Dr Bronners has the unscented baby one, if you're really really looking to be careful!
  • we're told not to use anything over here... At all end of story especially when you have yeast infections..

    Strange the differences in advice you are giving depending where in the world you are..
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