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pain in the rear

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pain in the rear

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This isn't really a post about my feminine bits, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. If this post is considered off topic then mods feel free to delete it.

I started getting this pain in my buttocks and lower back whenever I stand or walk around for longer than 5 minutes.  If I continue to stand or walk, the pain becomes excruciating.  I am forced to sit down.  I have researched a bit on sciatica and thought it might be what it is, but I thought maybe someone in this community might know if I'm correct.  Of course I am going to the doctor to get it looked at but thought I might jump the gun a bit and ask you wonderful ladies.

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks :)
  • Might be a slipped disk or something, but really the only way to know for sure is to go to a doctor.
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  • Yeah sounds similar to sciatica.

    I've had success with physical therapy for that, and other spinal nerve problems. Not just for the exercises, but for a lifestyle check. For example, the way I drove and used a laptop were the two BIGGEST triggers to me getting nerves compressed!

    The laptop I suspected, but the driving I didn't, until the PT told me. She asked "do you do this", I checked when I drove, turned out I did, and she taught me how to sit properly. Amazing how quickly I recovered.
    • How were you sitting with your laptop?
      • Oh, on my bed, hunched over. Everything had me curved like a C. The laptop, the driving...I had assumed it was the mouse and the desktop, because it was my right arm/shoulderblade/hand/side of the neck. But it is the laptop/netbook and the driving that immediately causes a tingle now. It was really bad. Couldn't use my arm at one point. Couldn't sleep well, because no matter what I was putting pressure on the nerve. Driving was one handed. Holding my purse didn't help either. (Actually yesterday I kept my purse and camera bag on my right side, and sure enough, a bit of twinging because I was out of whack.) I couldn't let my arm dangle, nor could I have it up anywhere. I was constantly trying to find something that didn't hurt, but by time I went to a doctor the only position was flat on my back.
  • Oh yeah and is the pain like DEEP in your butt? Like by the bony part when you sit?
  • I have sciatica sometimes and while the pain sounds a lot like sciatica pain, I've found that I actually get the pain from sitting down too long. It might hurt some to stand or walk at first but then it gets better - if it's sciatica. For other problems with similar symptoms, walking might make things worse. Seeing your doctor is of course your best plan but in the meantime some things you can do that would be helpful are to do some *gentle* stretching, apply heat, make sure you are sitting, walking, standing, and laying in proper posture.
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