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I have been undergoing huge amounts of stress... the final end of my…

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I have been undergoing huge amounts of stress... the final end of my divorce and the big final bill, a car accident, a death in the family and the end of another big relationship... going off anti-depressants all at the same time, due to the fact that I don't think they're working but have helped me gain weight.

i had one sexual liaison two weeks ago, we used a condom and birth control.

i am going to have an IUD put in. 3 days AFTER I had sex with said person, I stopped taking my pills because i thought that there was no purpose anymore if no relationship was going anywhere and I was going to get this IUD soon.

So I stopped my pills a week early, but a few days after i had sex.

was i supposed to have my period when i stopped? because it didn't happen, so i thought "ok, i still really have one more week to go." usually I get my period on Sunday, but I haven't gotten it yet.

Am I totally freaking out prematurely? i'm usually pretty good at being ontime. i know the odds of being pregnant from sex with a condom AND b.c. is super super super rare, but this is one more thing that i really don't need and have no idea how to survive.
  • I don't think you have any cause to worry about pregnancy. The pill changes your body chemistry, so even if any sperm did escape into the vaginal wilds, they would have died before you stopped taking your pill. Just stopping your pill early might not bring on your period, though, and it might confuse it more than usual.
  • your body isnt a machine - not only have you been under major stress, but you've come off your birth control.

    both are excellent reasons for your period to be MIA. you could either wait for your period to arrive, or take a pregnancy test to put your mind at ease.
    • i've been under mega-stress before, and my period has never faltered.
      thanks for putting my mind at ease; i'm terrified to take a test, but hey, it's only a little while, right?
      thank you.
      • Have you ever missed a period while being on the pill? How long were on it? there are a lot of factors but if you used a condom and were taking your pill at the same time everyday for more than a week you were protected.

        The reason why i asked how long you were taking it is if you where on it for more than a few months it might take your body a while to adjust to not having it and it takes a few days for the hormones to fully leave your system from what I understand.
        • i've been on the pill for many, many years. i've changed up my birth control a few times though because of bad side effects, but was on this pill for 3 months or so after i was off for a while. i've never missed a period.
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    • we used a condom for the entire time anything happened down there. i'm good at taking it every morning after i get up, if i take it late it's only by a couple hours. it's been 2 weeks since i had sex. i'm 32 and he's 34 and we know how to use everything, and all that stuff.
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      • Uh, no. There is no scientific difference in the fertility of ethnic groups. Cervical mucus will also not be a reliable indicator because she's been on hormonal birth control.

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        • Cite, please.
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            • If she was on a triphasic low dose she would most certainly be at risk for pregnancy due to typical use and the timing of her ceasing OCPs.

              No, she would not be at significant risk for pregnancy, because she used a condom correctly and was using her pill correctly at the time. That gives her a 3 in 10,000 chance of pregnancy. Given that you claim to be a professional, you most likely know that the changes in cervical environment caused by a combined pill result in a drastically shortened lifespan for sperm, much, much shorter than the three days she had. My use of a fanciful phrase doesn't change that at all.

              Even the .002 or whatever the exact difference may be that still represents no matter how minimal an increased chance of conception occurring that does not exist in the higher formulation.

              Not at all. A figure that small can easily result from statistical sampling error.

              The study will be out within the next year.

              Well, then. Please feel free to make that claim when it's published. Until then, you're relying on anecdotes about an undisclosed patient population with an inconsistent genetic background. (Hint: "Latina" is not a genetic group, it's a social one.)

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          • just to be clear: there was absolutely no intercourse before the condom went on. there was no 'contact' before the condom went on.
          • I feel quite sorry for your patients.
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              • I'm not making claims based on unpublished studies, unavailable textbooks, and biological essentialist bullshit and then arguing that my authority as an undisclosed type of medical professional supports them. The only claims I made can be verified by looking at any pill pamphlet and doing a small amount of math. If you want me to find you a pill packet and show you how to use a calculator, I can do that.
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                  • Yes, I would be able to access them. I've full access to academic library databases and PubMed. Neither of those sources seem to say that either low-dose pills are less effective or that Latina women are more fertile, though.

                    Oh, by the way? Perfect use pill (.003) times perfect use condom (.97) is .00291. That is 2.91 women in 10,000, and since women don't come in percentiles I tend to round up. OK with you?

                    Edited at 2010-10-27 02:53 pm (UTC)
        • i know i'll have to take a test. i'm not sure i'd want anyone to know if i am.... so i'd be taking it alone. i spotted a little bit last week but that's all that happened, so we'll see.
      • that's ok. i've never had a scare before and i've even had a condom break when i was in my late teens so i'm still thinking it's probably not happening, but with everything else going on, i can't help but panic.
    • actually a higher dose pill protects against pregnancy the same as a lower dose one.

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